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Mark Johnson

All We Do is Build Community


We help organizations connect, design and grow communities in human centered ways.

Belonging and social isolation are quickly becoming major issues in developed and technology realized countries.

Our focus areas & engagement

1. BRIJConnect

We host events that focus on a vertical theme and bridge the gaps between different communities, purposes and people.

2. BRIJDesign

We've partnered with Community industry trailblazers and companies to bring you the best in class platform and techniques to help manage and measure your community impact.

3. BRIJGrow

We enable you to rapidly scale community through digital maximization.


Facilitated development workshops and/or tailored projects for designing your MVC (minimum viable community) and its experience.

BRIJX achievements & awards


RealLIST Connectors, 2020

PODCAST INAUGURAL GUEST HOST at U.S. Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative

GIST Podcast: Leadership For Today, 2020

Community Catalyst at Techstars Startup Weekend across Canada, Colombia and USA

Unite to Fight COVID-19 Online, 2020

KEYNOTE at Techstars Startup Week Bogotá

Community Track, 2020

1st Place at Community Industry Awards

B2C Community Professional, 2020

Marquee Event w/ Guy Kawasaki at Global Entrepreneurship Week

How To Make A Great Pitch, 2019

Nomination at Awards

Culture Builder of the Year, 2019

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News, programs & events

DigiOfficeLab: Work Better. Smarter. Together. to grow and scale your success

Taking the isolation out of remote work...

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BRIJX Community Leader Recognized as Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Community Catalyst at 2020 RealLIST Connectors Annual Series

If you're new to the local technology and entrepreneurship scene, here's a roundup of leaders to know...

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techstars startup weekend

Techstars Startup Weekend Online: Unite To Fight COVID-19

Calling on anyone with an idea to tackle the challenges created by the global pandemic.

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CMX Connect: Accelerate Your Community Through Partnerships with Juliana Cardona

Most often the limited Community resources and capabilities hampers growth and limits...

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BRIJX Community Leader Wins 1st Place for 2020 B2C Community Professional

Steven A. Rodriguez brings home gold at the 2020 Community Industry Awards...

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BRIJX Community Leader nominated for Community Industry Awards 2019!

Voting is open from January 15-22, Steven A. Rodriguez for the B2C Community Professional Award.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week

GEW2019: How To Make A Great Pitch w/ Guy Kawasaki

Making pitches is a way of life for an entrepreneur. Guy Kawasaki provides his tips...

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CMX Connect: Building Minimum Viable Community w/ Design Thinking

Design Thinking approach that helps people better understand the problem by setting context...

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CMX Connect: How To Create Change in Communty Building

Making change in an organization or in a shared space can be an arduous journey...

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CMX Connect: The Rise of Community Professionals

Community Management as a profession has been growing increasingly important...

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